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Name: SEO Friendly Links and Images - Version: 3.4.2-FREE / / / - Type: Plugin - License: GPLv3
Description: With this plugin title and alt attributes are set automatically - Important for SEO - Joomla! Extensions Directory

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Sets the title and alt attributes automatically - important for search engine optimization

Plugin: SEOFLI - SEO Friendly Links and Images
Function: With this plugin important title and alt attributes to links and images are generated and placed automatically
Languages: English and German
Joomla! versions: >= 3.9.0

The title and alt attributes are important for search engine optimization, but unfortunately they are not respected very often. The plugin checks all links and images on these attributes. If they are not set, they are generated from the linked text or from the image name. Additionally there is the possibility to overwrite existing attributes with the automatically generated one.

I wish you much success in the optimization of the website! Please support my work and the free availability with a donation if the extension brings you an added value.


  • Auto-completion and setting of relevant attributes for links and images
  • Set title attribute for links (generated from the linked text)
  • Set alt and title attribute for images (generated from the image name)
  • Add height and width to the images
  • Already existing values can be overwritten
  • Deactivate the plugin in editor mode
  • Deactivate the plugin in certain components
  • Languages: English and German


Install the plugin in the backend, then adjust and publish it in Extensions - Plugins - System - SEO Friendly Links and Images.


The plugin optimises the requested page automatically. There is no further intervention required!

Tip: If other system plugins are used to manipulate the output, then SEOFLI should be executed as the last instance.


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Latest release

Version - 2023-12-05

  • + First Pro release for Joomla! 5.x based on SEOFLI Pro version
  • + The plugin "Behaviour - Backward Compatibility" is not required. The extension only uses supported classes in Joomla! 5.


Overview of all downloads of the extension: SEOFLI - SEO Friendly Links and Images Downloads