Get the most out of the Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Extensions with the Pro Subscription!

Subscribe to the Pro Subscription to get access to all available Pro extensions which are not limited to specific domains. You can use them in all your Joomla! projects! With only one subscription, you can download all extensions and use them as often as wanted!

Additionally, you get full access to the Support Forum with priority processing of support requests directly from the developer for the duration of the subscription. An answer from the developer is guaranteed. See forum rules for more information on how to use the forum properly.

The subscription length is one year. During this year you will have extensive access to all Pro extensions, and you can use Joomla!'s internal Extension Manager to update your installed instances directly without having to download the installation package from the official website first.

To update your Pro installations, you need to install the Kubik-Rubik Pro Updater plugin and enter your personal Update ID in the settings of the plugin. You may perform updates as long as your associated Pro subscription is active!

Technical Requirements - Pro Extensions

Joomla! 5.x

  • Joomla! Core Version >= 5.0.0 (latest 5.x version recommended)
  • PHP Version >= 8.1 (latest 8.x version recommended)

Joomla! 4.x

  • Joomla! Core Version >= 4.2.0 (latest 4.x version recommended)
  • PHP Version >= 8.0 (latest 8.x version recommended)

Joomla! 3.x

  • Joomla! Core Version >= 3.10.0 (latest 3.10.x version recommended)
  • PHP Version >= 7.4.0 (latest 8.1.x version recommended)

These versions are mandatory, and the functionality with these version numbers is guaranteed. Deviating requirements are explicitly specified in the extension description.

What are you waiting? Go Pro Now! :-)

What happens to the free extensions? Don't worry; I will not remove any functionalities from the current releases and will maintain them further as before, but the free extensions will not be developed at the same pace as the paid versions. However, it would help if you considered switching to the Pro versions since they will have more powerful features and thanks to the increase of the technical requirements more future-proof code.


Can I continue to use my Pro extensions after the Pro subscription expires?

Yes, already installed Pro extensions can continue to be used as usual even after the subscription has expired. However, updates to more recent versions or access to the support forum are no longer possible.

I'm only interested in one Pro extension. Is there a way to buy it separately?

Since the beginning of 2021, it is possible to buy single Pro extensions with the Pro Single subscription.

I have activated a subscription. Do I receive an invoice?

Of course, you can request an invoice. I create invoices for all transactions, which are sent by email in PDF format on request. The invoice can be requested under "Subscription" - "My subscriptions" - "View details" - "Request invoice" button.

I bought the Pro subscription and changed my mind. Will I get my money back?

Yes, this is possible, but only as long as no Pro extension has been downloaded (see Right of withdrawal). I don't have a general money-back policy. Only in justified cases, I grant a refund (e.g. I cannot solve an issue of an extension even though all requirements are met). Once the Pro account is generated, it is possible to download all Pro extensions without any restrictions, and thus I cannot refund the payment. Most of the extensions are available for free. Please try them first if you want to be sure or inquire certain functionalities of Pro versions by e-mail beforehand!