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Name: J!TinySlideshow - Version: 3.0.0 - Type: Module - License: GPLv3
Description: This module displays a slideshow using the scripts TinySlider and TinyFader. - Joomla! Extensions Directory

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Slideshow for texts or images with slide- and fade-effect

A slim slideshow that displays up to 8 messages or images. The module offers two effects: slide and fade. With the slider, the content is scrolled either vertically or horizontally. The module uses the scripts TinySlider and TinyFader by Michael Leigeber. The unique feature is the minimum size of only about 1.4 kb each and the independence from external JS libraries. The module offers various settings, such as variable size, time interval, start position, scroll direction and more! The slideshow can be easily adapted to your own needs using the attached CSS file.

The module can be published in any module position. With the help of the Load Module plugin, the module can be easily displayed in an article. This allows you to create up a beautiful slideshow very quickly and easily!


  • Joomla! slideshow with slide- and fade-effect
  • Up to 8 messages (HTML code possible) or images
  • Variable size of the content area
  • Freely selectable time interval
  • Scroll direction for slider: vertical or horizontal
  • Resumption of the slideshow
  • Start position selectable
  • Message: Headline and text
  • Images scalable to the set size
  • An alt attribute can be entered for each image


Install the module in the backend and configure it in Extensions - Modules - J!TinySlideshow.

Video Tutorial


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