Excluding components/modules from caching

2 weeks 4 days ago #11974 by webjongens

We are using Page Cache Extended Pro on our sites, which is very effective in speed of the pages. But as many other tools, using Caching is difficult when pages are not static. For instance using a contact form or webshop etc. it can give a lot of problems.

I noticed the option to exclude Components. But how does this work? For instance, we use RSForm!Pro a lot for building forms. But this is conflicting with PCE, as the form can't be sent properly. So I added com_rsform as exluded component, but this is not working. Neither is it working when we set in Module RSForm, No Caching. The only way it is working, is to exclude the whole page.

Is it possible to exclude Modules somehow in combination with PCE? Is it thinkable you can add an option to Exclude Modules from within the PCE plugin?

Please let me know.

Regards, Carst

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2 weeks 4 days ago #11975 by Vitja
Replied by Vitja on topic Excluding components/modules from caching
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