Measures to safeguard the platform against automated and mass downloads

3 months 3 weeks ago - 3 months 3 weeks ago #15363 by Viktor
Hello KRJE Community,

I need to address a significant concern impacting my platform: the surge in automated and mass downloads, including both free and paid extensions. A recent example that underscores the severity of this issue is the extraordinary occurrence of over 100 Pro downloads from a single account within just a few minutes. This is not an isolated incident and poses a serious threat to both the community and my infrastructure.

Why is this a problem?

Server Overload: My servers are experiencing excessive load due to automated downloads, leading to potential crashes and downtime. This affects everyone's access to my services.
Fair Resource Allocation: Automated bulk downloads monopolise server capacity and bandwidth. This hinders the ability of other users to download the content they need, preventing equitable access to resources.
Increased Operating Costs: The surge in demand from automated downloads leads to increased operational costs. This might necessitate adjustments in pricing or the services I offer.
Security Risks: Automated downloading often bypasses standard security checks. This could expose my platform to vulnerabilities and cyber threats.
Data Integrity Issues: High volumes of automated traffic can lead to issues with data integrity, impacting the quality and reliability of my services.
Inaccurate Analytics: Automated downloads skew the data analytics, making it challenging for me to understand actual user needs and preferences, which is vital for improving my services.

To counteract these challenges and protect my platform, I have implemented the following measures:

Captcha for Visitors: Visitors not signed into their accounts will now encounter a captcha, provided by hCaptcha, before downloading any content. This is essential to differentiate human users from automated scripts and to prevent unauthorised mass downloads.
Limit on Pro Extension Downloads: I am introducing a limit on the download of Pro extensions for my valued subscribers. Subscribers will now be able to download up to 10 Pro extensions per hour. This measure is crucial to ensure fair usage and accessibility for all subscribers.

These changes might be inconvenient for some users. However, they are crucial for maintaining the integrity and performance of my platform, ensuring that all members of our community can enjoy a seamless experience.

I sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. I am dedicated to providing a robust and user-friendly platform, and these measures are a step towards sustaining the high quality of service you expect from me.

Should you have any concerns or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me directly!

Thank you for being a part of our community and for your continued support.


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