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Name: Easy Keyword Sitemap - Version: 3.4.0-FREE / / / - Type: Plugin - License: GPLv3
Description: Creates semantic sitemaps using the meta keywords or tags
This plugin is sponsored and provided free to the Joomla! Community by Delventhal Websolutions - Joomla! Extensions Directory

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Creates semantic sitemaps using meta keywords or tags!

Plugin: EKS - Easy Keyword Sitemap
Function: With this plugin you may create semantic sitemaps in which articles are grouped by their keywords or tags.
Languages: English and German

This plugin creates a keyword sitemap controlled by the meta keywords or tags. The articles are categorized and grouped based on matching keywords or tags. The plugin can be limited to specific categories. Each article may show a teaser-text which is composed using the existing meta description. The plugin complies with the actual article restrictions, like access level, state or language settings. You may create various lists. For each sitemap you may display an alpha index for quick navigation. EKS displays only items with at least one existing keyword. Articles using multiple keywords, separated by comma, are as well listed several times at the matching keywords.


  • Creates semantic sitemaps of all articles
  • Articles are grouped by the meta keywords or tags and displayed in a list
  • Plugin is triggered by a simple syntax (see tab "Installation")
  • Plugin is completely controlled by the syntax
  • The sitemap can be restricted to any category
  • A teaser text can be displayed for each entry. The text is generated from the meta description
  • It is possible to display an alphabet bar (Alpha Index). The Alpha Index allows a quick selection of the desired articles.
  • It is possible to create as many sitemaps as you need, also in one single article.
  • Include or exclude keywords / tags
  • Languages: English and German


Install the plugin in the backend and activate it in "Extensions" - "Plugins" - "Content - Easy Keyword Sitemap"

The plugin is activated and controlled by a special syntax. The plugin itself doesn't need any settings as it is fully controlled through an easy syntax.

Activation without parameters {eks}{/eks}

This is the standard syntax where it does load all categories without displaying alpha index nor teaser text.

Possible parameters:

alpha - Activate alpha index for easy navigation.
alpha=cyrillic - Activate alpha index in Cyrillic for easy navigation.
cache - Caches the output and loads it from static files in further requests (stored in cache/eks).
catid - Catetory IDs to include.
direction=x - Determines the sort direction, default is ascending (ASC). Possible values for x: 'ASC' & 'DESC'.
keyword - Only these keywords are included in the sitemap.
nokeyword - These keywords are excluded from the sitemap.
ordering=x - Determines the ordering, default is by title. Possible values for x: 'id', 'title', 'catid', 'created', 'created_by', 'modified', 'ordering', 'hits' & 'featured'.
tags - Tags are used instead of meta keywords for the categorization of articles.
tag - Only these tags are included in the sitemap.
notag - These tags are excluded from the sitemap.
teaser - Activate the teaser text which will be extracted from the meta description.
titleLink - The first letter of the loaded articles is used for the sitemap. This option loads all articles regardless of the keywords and tag parameters!

Use the parameters separated by a pipe-symbol '|'.

Example for a sitemap using teaser text, alpha index, tags, including the categories 1, 2 & 5, limited on 2 tags, ordered by hits and cached ouptut:


Tip: Place the EKS syntax in an empty article, name the article "Sitemap" and publish it in your menu.

Note: Articles with no or too many keywords / tags will not generate an optimal sitemap. Articles should be categorized with 1 to max. 3 matching keywords in order to obtain an optimal sitemap!


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Latest release

Version - 2024-02-15

  • + Added new parameters: tag and notag - Include or exclude tags from the sitemap. Thanks to Stephanie for requesting this feature!


Overview of all downloads of the extension: EKS - Easy Keyword Sitemap Downloads