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Name: Easy Image Resizer - Version: 3.7.0-FREE / / / - Type: Plugin - License: GPLv3
Description: EIR automatically resizes images which are uploaded through the Media Manager. - Joomla! Extensions Directory

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Resizes uploaded images and creates multi-size images automatically

Easy Image Resizer is an essential tool for Joomla!, designed to automatically adjust the resolution of images uploaded via the Media Manager or any third-party extensions. This functionality is particularly beneficial when images are uploaded without prior offline processing and are too large in resolution.

In addition to optimising image dimensions, Easy Image Resizer significantly reduces the file size of your images. This profoundly impacts your website's performance, resulting in substantial improvements in page loading times.

The plugin seamlessly integrates into your workflow, executing automatically when images are uploaded via the Media Manager, the 'Image' button in edit mode, or image upload forms facilitated by third-party extensions. By automatically resizing your images, Easy Image Resizer ensures that your website remains efficient and user-friendly, regardless of the volume or source of your image uploads.


  • Resizes uploaded images in the Media component (+ any 3rd party extensions in the PRO version)
  • Optimises all existing images reversibly by creating backup images (PRO version only)
  • Improves the loading time by reducing the image file size
  • Images are optimized automatically in the uploading process
  • Support for the WebP format - conversation of all existing images with one click (PRO version only)
  • Uses core class "Image" for image manipulation
  • JPG quality and PNG compression level can be set
  • Creates unlimited multi-size images (aka thumbnails)
  • Multi-size image path can be set
  • Integration of Optimus.io for lossless image compression
  • Optimizes images from all image uploads losslessly
  • Language: German and English

Pro Feature - Optimisation of all existing images

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Install EIR with the help of the Installer component as usual. Then activate the plugin in Extensions - Plugins - System - EIR - Easy Image Resizer. Use the options in the "Settings" tab to adjust the plugin for your needs!

Scale methods provided by EIR

Scale methods provided by EIR

Attention: The image manipulation process is only applied to newly uploaded images, existing images will not be processed!

Optimus.io - Lossless compression of images

Optimus RobotEasy Image Resizer implements the service by Optimus.io for a lossless compression of images. Use this feature to get even better results!

cURL library must be activated on the server to use this feature. This service is completely free for images up to 100KB.

Activate Optimus HQ for images up to 5MB, encrypted HTTPS communication and more. Visit Optimus.io for more information.

Example of image compression with Optimus HQ:

Example of image compression by Optimus.io


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Latest release

Version - 2024-05-13

  • + Subscriber Interface: The plugin has been rewritten to utilise the subscriber interface, enhancing its integration and performance capabilities.
  • + Improved Pro Security Token validation check. The Pro package contains a token file with an individual security token linked to the user account that is checked against the validation server for authenticity. If the file is missing or the token is invalid, you cannot edit the settings and use the extension. The Pro Security Token field has been extended to handle incorrect tokens and blocked accounts. If you encounter an error message related to the token, download the Pro version with your Pro subscription from the linked download page and install it again!
  • Attention: The Pro extension will not work correctly if the token file or custom field is missing or modified. Never edit or remove the files to ensure correct functionality.


Overview of all downloads of the extension: EIR - Easy Image Resizer Downloads