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Name: Easy Frontend SEO - Version: / / / - Type: Component and Plugin - License: GPLv3
Description: With this SEO extension, you can change and add meta information (title, description, keywords, generator and robots) at the front- and backend - Joomla! Extensions Directory

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Edits metadata in the frontend and backend - SEO extension for Joomla!

Plugin: EFSEO - Easy Frontend SEO
Function: Edits relevant metadata like title, description and keywords directly in the frontend and also in the backend
Languages: English / German

Optimise your website's performance with EFSEO - Easy Frontend SEO, a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation extension for Joomla! This tool allows you to manage all crucial metadata effortlessly, transforming how you handle SEO on your Joomla! site.

EFSEO empowers you to add and modify meta information directly from the front end, including the title, description, keywords, generator, and robots. Its versatile design ensures compatibility with any component you use, operating on every page of a Joomla! installation.

The plugin respects your existing Joomla! data, preserving original data until you choose to modify them with the plugin. Once you update metadata using EFSEO, it draws new records from the plugin database. If you wish to revert to the original Joomla! data, you can delete the newly provided information with a simple click.

EFSEO also offers an option to store entered data directly in the core tables, supporting both article and menu entry tables. This ensures that metadata remains accessible even if you change the URL structure or uninstall the plugin.

For users who utilise the jQuery framework on their Joomla! sites, EFSEO has incorporated a jQuery mode to prevent potential JavaScript conflicts with other frameworks.

What truly distinguishes EFSEO as a top-tier SEO plugin is its Automatic Mode. This feature automatically generates metadata from the loaded page's data or general plugin settings, providing speedier page loading. Unlike other extensions, EFSEO grants direct control over this generated metadata, allowing you to edit and store it from the front end. This delivers the highest level of flexibility and makes the loading process quicker.

Choose EFSEO to elevate your SEO management experience and drive success in optimising your website.


  • Alter meta information at the frontend - set access through user groups or user IDs
  • Support for the Open Graph Protocol (Pro version only)
  • Support for Twitter Cards (Pro version only)
  • Canonical URL handling (Pro version only)
  • Data may be assigned to every given page, regardless which extension is in use.
  • Meta data is assigned using internal URLs - independent of SEF URLs
  • Compatibility mode for external SEF components
  • Two different styles: Top bar and Modal window
  • Automatic Mode - Metadata are generated for certain extensions or via the global settings completely automatic
  • Supported extensions in the Automatic Mode Content component (com_content) and K2
  • Save entered data directly into the core tables (content and menu)
  • Set permission rights over the user groups and user IDs
  • Define a global title attribute
  • Define a global generator attribute
  • Define a global robots attribute
  • Define custom meta tags
  • Word and characters counter
  • Set maximum number of characters for title and description
  • jQuery mode to avoid JavaScript conflicts
  • Form fields are optional - not required information can be disabled
  • Warnings, whether an information is set or not, can be displayed
  • Backend component - allows you to edit and add entries directly in the backend
  • Collect URLs - URLs will be automatically entered into the database and can be edit with the component
  • Relative URLs - the entries are independent of the domain and will not be lost in a domain change
  • You may change the following metadata:
  • - Title
  • - Description
  • - Keywords
  • - Generator attribute
  • - Robots attribute
  • Available in English and German


Install the extension in the backend under Extensions and configure it in Extensions – Plugins – System – Easy Frontend SEO.

Define authorized groups (default is Super User group) and other options in the settings, then activate the plugin. You may customize all relevant metadata at the top, using the EFSEO bar or the modal window, if you are logged in with the proper group level at the frontend.

The entered data can also be saved directly into the core tables. This means that the data is independent of the URL and this plugin. This means that the data will also be loaded if you change the URL structure or even uninstall EFSEO. Attention: Overwritten data can not be recovered!

The donation demand in the backend can be disabled with a special donation code. Please support my work and the free availability of the extension with a donation code subscription if it brings an added value to your site.

The plugin has been tested and optimized with the internal Joomla! SEF option. If you use an external component like sh404SEF or SEF AceSEF etc., then enable the compatibility mode. This mode does not work with internal URLs, but with the requested URLs.

A way to use EFSEO

  • Activate the option 'Collect URLs'
  • Open your website in the frontend and load all relevant pages one by one (you don't have to be logged in the frontend!)
  • Go to the backend component and add the metadata to the collected pages

The main advantage of the collection feature is that the URLs are already in the correct format and you don't have to enter them manually in the backend component! Also, note the expert tips.

Expert tips

  • Use the global settings and the automatic mode for the supported components. So the site is already optimized automatically. The data should be checked, adjusted if needed and saved. If the data are stored, then they are loaded the next time directly from the database! You can find a list of stop words for the blacklist. Use this list!
  • Use relative URLs to save your data. With this option, you are not dependent on the domain name!
  • Try it without the 'Compatibility Mode' first. Only if you have problems to save your entered data, you should activate this mode!
  • If you change the mentioned options above, you have to activate the option 'Update URLs' which updates the URLs automatically when they are loaded the next time. It also means that you can enter SEF URLs in the backend component though the compatibility mode is deactivated!
  • Activate the option 'Collect URLs' and load all important pages on your website. Then go to the EFSEO component and enter all metadata directly in the backend. With this option, you won't miss any URL! If you have a component which creates many unimportant URLs, then exclude this component from the collection process.
  • The option 'SQL check' is deprecated and should be deactivated!
  • Try it first with different settings and only some entries. Once you have found a constellation which works for your website, stay with it! Do not enter all metadata and then change the settings. It will only cost your time and nerves if you lose your data.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial for Joomla! 3.x

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Open Graph Protocol (Pro version only)

Easy Frontend SEO Pro - Open Graph

Easy Frontend SEO Pro - Open Graph Settings

Canonical URLs (Pro version only)

Easy Frontend SEO Pro - Canonical URLs


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Latest release

Version - 2024-06-08

  • ^ Moved static files to the media folder.
  • ^ Changed database structure type for "keywords" from TINYTEXT to VARCHAR(255) and adjusted the word count script to avoid storing issues with multi-byte characters, which could exceed the maximum length limit. Thanks to Alain for reporting it!


Stop words for the Keywords blacklist

Use these words as a base for the blacklist. Just copy and paste them into the settings of EFSEO. You should complete the list with words which you don't want to have as keywords!

a, able, about, above, abroad, according, accordingly, across, actually, adj, after, afterwards, again, against, ago, ahead, ain't, all, allow, allows, almost, alone, along, alongside, already, also, although, always, am, amid, amidst, among, amongst, an, and, another, any, anybody, anyhow, anyone, anything, anyway, anyways, anywhere, apart, appear, appreciate, appropriate, are, aren't, around, as, a's, aside, ask, asking, associated, at, available, away, awfully, b, back, backward, backwards, be, became, because, become, becomes, becoming, been, before, beforehand, begin, behind, being, believe, below, beside, besides, best, better, between, beyond, both, brief, but, by, c, came, can, cannot, cant, can't, caption, cause, causes, certain, certainly, changes, clearly, c'mon, co, co., com, come, comes, concerning, consequently, consider, considering, contain, containing, contains, corresponding, could, couldn't, course, c's, currently, d, dare, daren't, definitely, described, despite, did, didn't, different, directly, do, does, doesn't, doing, done, don't, down, downwards, during, e, each, edu, eg, eight, eighty, either, else, elsewhere, end, ending, enough, entirely, especially, et, etc, even, ever, evermore, every, everybody, everyone, everything, everywhere, ex, exactly, example, except, f, fairly, far, farther, few, fewer, fifth, first, five, followed, following, follows, for, forever, former, formerly, forth, forward, found, four, from, further, furthermore, g, get, gets, getting, given, gives, go, goes, going, gone, got, gotten, greetings, h, had, hadn't, half, happens, hardly, has, hasn't, have, haven't, having, he, he'd, he'll, hello, help, hence, her, here, hereafter, hereby, herein, here's, hereupon, hers, herself, he's, hi, him, himself, his, hither, hopefully, how, howbeit, however, hundred, i, i'd, ie, if, ignored, i'll, i'm, immediate, in, inasmuch, inc, inc., indeed, indicate, indicated, indicates, inner, inside, insofar, instead, into, inward, is, isn't, it, it'd, it'll, its, it's, itself, i've, j, just, k, keep, keeps, kept, know, known, knows, l, last, lately, later, latter, latterly, least, less, lest, let, let's, like, liked, likely, likewise, little, look, looking, looks, low, lower, ltd, m, made, mainly, make, makes, many, may, maybe, mayn't, me, mean, meantime, meanwhile, merely, might, mightn't, mine, minus, miss, more, moreover, most, mostly, mr, mrs, much, must, mustn't, my, myself, n, name, namely, nd, near, nearly, necessary, need, needn't, needs, neither, never, neverf, neverless, nevertheless, new, next, nine, ninety, no, nobody, non, none, nonetheless, noone, no-one, nor, normally, not, nothing, notwithstanding, novel, now, nowhere, o, obviously, of, off, often, oh, ok, okay, old, on, once, one, ones, one's, only, onto, opposite, or, other, others, otherwise, ought, oughtn't, our, ours, ourselves, out, outside, over, overall, own, p, particular, particularly, past, per, perhaps, placed, please, plus, possible, presumably, probably, provided, provides, q, que, quite, qv, r, rather, rd, re, really, reasonably, recent, recently, regarding, regardless, regards, relatively, respectively, right, round, s, said, same, saw, say, saying, says, second, secondly, see, seeing, seem, seemed, seeming, seems, seen, self, selves, sensible, sent, serious, seriously, seven, several, shall, shan't, she, she'd, she'll, she's, should, shouldn't, since, six, so, some, somebody, someday, somehow, someone, something, sometime, sometimes, somewhat, somewhere, soon, sorry, specified, specify, specifying, still, sub, such, sup, sure, t, take, taken, taking, tell, tends, th, than, thank, thanks, thanx, that, that'll, thats, that's, that've, the, their, theirs, them, themselves, then, thence, there, thereafter, thereby, there'd, therefore, therein, there'll, there're, theres, there's, thereupon, there've, these, they, they'd, they'll, they're, they've, thing, things, think, third, thirty, this, thorough, thoroughly, those, though, three, through, throughout, thru, thus, till, to, together, too, took, toward, towards, tried, tries, truly, try, trying, t's, twice, two, u, un, under, underneath, undoing, unfortunately, unless, unlike, unlikely, until, unto, up, upon, upwards, us, use, used, useful, uses, using, usually, v, value, various, versus, very, via, viz, vs, w, want, wants, was, wasn't, way, we, we'd, welcome, well, we'll, went, were, we're, weren't, we've, what, whatever, what'll, what's, what've, when, whence, whenever, where, whereafter, whereas, whereby, wherein, where's, whereupon, wherever, whether, which, whichever, while, whilst, whither, who, who'd, whoever, whole, who'll, whom, whomever, who's, whose, why, will, willing, wish, with, within, without, wonder, won't, would, wouldn't, x, y, yes, yet, you, you'd, you'll, your, you're, yours, yourself, yourselves, you've, z, zero


Overview of all downloads of the extension: EFSEO - Easy Frontend SEO Downloads