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Name: Easy Content Restriction - Version: / / / - Type: Plugin - License: GPLv3
Description: Protects content in articles with a special syntax from specified user groups or a password - Joomla! Extensions Directory

Overview of all downloads of the extension: ECR - Easy Content Restriction Downloads

Protects content in articles with a password or only displays it to approved user groups

With this plugin you can hide text in your articles with a password or from specified user groups with a simple syntax call directly in the articles. Special features are the unusual syntax use (square brackets) and the Safe Mode to avoid hidden text to be showed in other components (e.g. search component). Because the typical plugin syntax is removed in calls from the outside, the plugin does not use curly brackets. In the Safe Mode the whole article is replaced with an empty string if ECR detects a call from outside the content component of an article which uses the plugin.


  • Global Password Protection (PRO)
  • Protection for frontend, backend or both (PRO)
  • Protects content in articles (FREE) / Protects content on the entire website (PRO)
  • Password Mode - Protect your content with a password! No user account required to load the content - just the correct password
  • Remember successful password inputs - Entries are stored in the user's session, and the password does not have to be entered again (PRO)
  • Easy syntax to call the plugin: [ecr]YOUR TEXT[/ecr]
  • Safe Mode: Content protection not only in the article view
  • Blur Mode: Shows a blurred version of the original text as a preview (PRO)
  • Specify the allowed or disallowed user groups
  • Specify allowed users using their IDs
  • Set an individual replacement text
  • Languages: English and German


Install the plugin in the backend, then adjust and publish it in Extensions -> Plugins -> Content - ECR - Easy Content Restriction.

Content Protection

Password Mode

In this mode you can protect the content with a password, no user account is required to load the content - just the correct password.

[ecr|password=XXX]Hidden text[/ecr]

Replace XXX with a self-defined password, e.g. asdf?!*#123

In password mode, you may set an individual heading with the help of a third parameter::

[ecr|password=XXX|Please enter the password here]Hidden text[/ecr] (PRO)

Use the following syntax to enable the multiple passwords functionality. Define the passwords in the settings of the plugin.

[ecr|multiple]Hidden text[/ecr] (PRO)

Easy Content Restriction - Password Mode

Standard Mode

In the standard mode only global parameters from the settings are used in the execution of the plugin.

[ecr]Hidden text[/ecr]

In this mode, the content can be password protected by pre-defined rules with a unique hash. The plugin loads the replacement content from an assigned, unpublished article.

[ecr]HASH[/ecr] (PRO)

Override Mode

IDs for groups which are allowed to access the hidden text

[ecr=8,5,3]Hidden text[/ecr]

You can also toggle the permission rights! IDs for user groups which are not allowed to access the hidden text

[ecr=8,5,3|toggle]Hidden text[/ecr]

The replacement text for groups with no permission can also be set individually

[ecr|You have to login to see the text!]Hidden text[/ecr]

Of course you can use all parameters together at once

[ecr=8,5,3|toggle|You have to login to see the text!]Hidden text[/ecr]

Tip: If you want to modifiy the output of the form, then copy the file password.php from plugins/system/easycontentrestriction/tmpl to templates/YOUR-TEMPLATE/html/plg_system_easycontentrestriction and edit this file. Thus, your changes are not overwritten if you update the plugin!
Note: Use plg_content_easycontentrestriction in the free version instead.

Pages Protection (PRO)

This option protects certain pages from being accessed with a password. The content of such protected pages is loaded only after entering the correct password. You can specify the pages to be protected via internal parameters. These parameters can be determined using the integrated debug mode.

Global Password Protection (PRO)

You may enable global protection for the complete website. In this mode, the plugin stops the execution of the application and shows a password input field. Visitors have to enter the global password to be able to load the content of the website.

Easy Content Restriction - Global Password Protection


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Latest release

Version - 2023-11-21

  • + Added the Remember successful password inputs for pages option to save successfully entered passwords for Pages Protection to the session, so they don't have to be re-entered on each page load.
  • ^ Bypassed a deprecated call in the calendar field provided by the Joomla! core.
  • ^ Rewrote the usage of the session namespace to avoid the logging of a deprecated message.
  • # Fixed an issue with the multiple password feature where a message was incorrectly displayed stating that the password was entered incorrectly even though no password was entered at all.


Overview of all downloads of the extension: ECR - Easy Content Restriction Downloads