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Name: Easy Content Lightbox - Version: / - Type: System Plugin - License: GPLv3
Description: The plugin automatically integrates lightbox functionality to page images using the GLightbox library.

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Easy Content Lightbox adds lightbox functionality to all images using GLightbox

Easy Content Lightbox Pro automatically adds the lightbox functionality to all images of the loaded pages. You have several exclusion options to exclude specific images or pages from being processed by the plugin to avoid issues with other JavaScript libraries.

The plugin uses GLightbox, a pure JavaScript lightbox library, to load the images in a lightbox. You may display the title of the image in the lightbox. The plugin extracts the title from the title attribute of the img-tag.

With the custom CSS option, you can add a custom CSS class to the lightbox link. Use this option to customise the lightbox with individual CSS instructions.

You may turn off the automatic adding process in editor mode, for specific components or signed-in users.


  • Automatically integrates lightbox functionality to all page images using GLightbox
  • Offers several exclusion options for specific images or pages, ensuring compatibility with other JavaScript libraries
  • Displays the title of the image within the lightbox, extracted from the img-tag's title attribute
  • Features a custom CSS option to add a unique class to the lightbox link for tailored styling
  • Provides the option to disable the automatic addition in editor mode, for specific components, or for logged-in users


Install Easy Content Lightbox with the help of the Installer component as usual. Then configure and activate the plugin in System -> Plugins -> System - Easy Content Lightbox - ECL.


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Latest release

Version - 2024-06-01

  • + Improved Pro Security Token validation check. The Pro package contains a token file with an individual security token linked to the user account that is checked against the validation server for authenticity. If the file is missing or the token is invalid, you cannot edit the settings and use the extension. The Pro Security Token field has been extended to handle incorrect tokens and blocked accounts. If you encounter an error message related to the token, download the Pro version with your Pro subscription from the linked download page and install it again!
  • Attention: The Pro extension will not work correctly if the token file or custom field is missing or modified. Never edit or remove the files to ensure correct functionality.


Overview of all downloads of the extension: ECL - Easy Content Lightbox Downloads