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Name: EasyCalcCheck Captcha - Version: 3.2.0-FREE / / / - Type: Captcha Plugin - License: GPLv3
Description: This plugin effectively protects a Joomla! website from spam messages and fraudulent registrations.

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Protection against spam messages and spam registrations with internal checks

The plugin protects Joomla! core forms that support the plugin group Captcha like the user or contact component from the core or any third-party extension supporting the Captcha implementation provided by the application. It is a simplified version of the plugin EasyCalcCheck Plus Pro with five internal anti-spam check mechanisms: an arithmetical problem, a time lock, a hidden field, a JavaScript field and a self-defined question.


  • Arithmetical Problem
    • Involves simple calculations that humans can solve easily.
    • Limits automated entries as bots typically can't solve these problems.
    • Easy to implement, requiring minimal system resources.
    • Offers adjustable complexity.
  • Time Lock
    • Measures the time taken to fill a form; bots usually fill out forms instantly, whereas humans take longer.
    • Provides an effective barrier against automated spam attacks.
    • Automatic function that requires no input from the user.
  • Hidden Field
    • Invisible to human users but detectable by bots.
    • Bots usually fill out all fields, hence, filling out a hidden field indicates spam.
    • Simple to implement in any form.
  • JavaScript Field
    • Requires the user to have JavaScript enabled, which many bots do not.
    • Helps detect and block bots since they can't execute or interpret JavaScript like a web browser.
  • Self-Defined Question
    • Customisable and flexible; can be as unique and creative as you want.
    • Effective against bots since they usually can't understand the context or unusual questions.
    • Allows for a site-specific or target audience-specific approach to anti-spam.
    • Requires some thought to create a question that is easy for your target audience to answer but hard for a bot.


Install EasyCalcCheck Captcha with the help of the Installer component as usual. Then configure and activate the plugin in System -> Plugins -> System - EasyCalcCheck Captcha - ECCC. Go to System -> Global Configuration and set this plugin as the Default Captcha.


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Latest release

Version - 2024-04-19

  • + Input numbers for the calculation task are not reset in Ajax requests so that the task can be solved in another Ajax request if the input in the initial request is incorrect. The plugins listens to the ajax variable set to true in the request.
  • # Added the support for the legacy method using the triggerEvent() function since some 3rd party extensions are still using the deprecated way to trigger plugin events. Thanks to Sigrid for reporting the issue!


Overview of all downloads of the extension: ECCC - EasyCalcCheck Captcha Downloads