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Name: EasyCalcCheck Plus - Version: 3.1.6 / 3.2.1-PRO - Type: Plugin - License: GPLv3
Description: Protects Joomla! forms and 3rd party extensions by integrating anti-spam services and internal antispam checks

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Protects Joomla! forms and 3rd party extensions by integrating anti-spam services and adds additionally a arithmetic problem, a hidden field and a time-out!

Plugin: EasyCalcCheck PLUS - ECC+
Function: Protection against spam messages and spam registrations
Included Languages: English and German - all language files at Transifex
Supported 3rd Party Extensions: AlfContact, Community Builder (Integrated external antispam services: Google ReCaptcha, Akismet, Honeypot Project, StopForumSpam, Botscout

This plugin protects your registration and contact form from spam by insertion of an arithmetic task. In addition, you may activate a hidden field and a time limit. Only spam-bots fill in this field, as they tend to fill in every field there is, hidden or not. Regular users do not see the field and will not fill it, avoiding the trap. The time limit prevents that the form is submitted to fast. Bots usually fill in all the values at one time and try to send the form within seconds. A human being is not able to send a form in such a short time frame.

If the internal spam protection is insufficient, external anti-spam services (such as Akismet, Mollom, etc.) might be used.

ECC+ offers not only the spam-protection but as well other features like: Backend security through a token and SQL injection protection.

The plugin has been developed and optimized for some years now (see the features-tab). Spam in Joomla! forms don't get a chance with EasyCalcCheck Plus!

With the release of Joomla! stable version 1.7, I have published ECC+ 1.7.-1. The anti-spam plugin was almost completely rewritten in version 1.7.-2 for Joomla! 1.7. This delivers the base structure for the continuation and further development of the plugin. Many improvements were made, which occasionally caused problems in the past. In addition to the significant code optimization, we added support for even more popular form components like FoxContact, Kunena Forum, FlexiContact and DFContact. Due to the new design, the plugin can quickly and easily be extended to other components. With ECC+, you should never again face the problem of spam messages or spam registrations caused by spambots. EasyCalcCheck Plus claims the first place at Joomla! Extension Directory in the captcha category and has continued to be even more successful in the recent past. I want to thank all who support my extension with a review!

Some bug fixing was done in Version 1.7-3, and the extension ALFContact was added to the supported 3rd party extensions.

Simultaneously with the release of version 2.5 of the Core on January 24th, version 2.5-1 of the plugin was published. In version 2.5-2 the extensions JomSocial and Virtuemart were included in the list of supported 3rd party extensions.

EasyCalcCheck Plus has been continuously developed, optimized and is meanwhile available in version 2.5-7. It has a rating of 4.97 of possible 5 points in the official Joomla! Extensions Directory and is now among the best-rated extensions ever. Thank you to all users!


  • Arithmetic problem - Addition and Subtraction
  • Number of operands can be selected - 2 or 3
  • Numbers in words - Numbers can be represented as words
  • Hidden input field
  • Time lock
  • Self-defined question
  • Many supported 3rd party extensions
  • Honeypot Project
  • StopForumSpam
  • Akismet
  • reCaptcha
  • SQL Injection and Local file Inclusion protection
  • Backend protection with a token
  • Protection of the core forms: contact and registration forms
  • Autofill - entered values are automatically entered in the field if the spam check was not solved
  • Show spam-check only for guests
  • and many more! :-)


Install the plugin by accessing the administration menu of the back-end under Extensions. Then access Extensions – Plugins – System – EasyCalcCheck PLUS and customize it to your needs. Don't forget to activate it!

In the beginning, I recommend using the standard settings. If some spam still gets through, you should consider activating an external service like Akismet.

Enjoy! ;-) Spam is finally a thing of the past!

Spambots shouldn't be stopped only by ECC+ on the client-side. The majority of spambots is easily identified with the help of blacklists and prevents proactive the loading of your website. Since version 1.5-7 bots can be identified and blocked by comparing the actual blacklist from Honeypot Project or StopForumSpam.

In addition, comprehensive anti-spam services like Akismet, Mollom, reCaptcha and Botscout have been implemented to recognize and filter spam even better!

Tip: This website and all my demo sites did not receive any entries or registrations through spambots with the following configuration: arithmetic problem, hidden field, time lock and Akismet. If this configuration is not enough, then another spam service can be activated additionally.

Note: EasyCalcCheck Plus is a system plugin and not a plugin from the Captcha group. The option "Default Captcha" in the global configuration and the settings of the user management should be deactivated. Use EasyCalcCheck Captcha if you want to have a plugin using the Captcha group!


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Joomla! 3.x

Version 3.1.6 - 2019-06-29

  • + Added Custom Field - Pro Button
  • ! Removed Mollom integration since the project was abandoned.
  • ! Removed Bot-Trap integration since the project was abandoned.
  • ^ Updated Custom Fields
  • ^ Updated Project Page URL
  • ^ Updated rules for Fox Contact (>= 3.8.2)
  • ^ Improved custom call functionality
  • ^ Correct IP address retrievement for forwarded addresses using a proxy
  • ^ Kunena Quick reply button - Added new class name to the search pattern
  • ^ Updated code style of imported 3rd party libraries

Version 3.2.1-PRO - 2019-05-12

  • ! Removed Mollom integration since the project was abandoned. Thanks to Wilderer for reporting it!

Version 3.2.0-PRO - 2019-05-03

  • + Added script file for technical requirement checks
  • ! Removed Bot-Trap integration since the project was abandoned. Thanks to Wilderer for reporting it!
  • ! Removed ROT13 usage
  • ^ Improved SQL injection protection - Using raw data for checks
  • ^ Correct IP address retrievement for forwarded addresses using a proxy
  • ^ Kunena Quick reply button - Added new class name to the search pattern
  • ^ Updated code style of imported 3rd party libraries

Version 3.1.6-PRO - 2019-01-16

  • + First Pro release based on ECC+ version 3.1.5

Version 3.1.5 - 2018-05-20

  • + Mail To A Friend Form - Added support for build-in Mailto component - Thanks to Uwe F. for the feature request
  • ^ Updated login form regex since the change in the template was reverted in the latest Joomla! version (see note for version 3.1.4)
  • ^ Code Optimizations
  • ^ Updated Custom Fields

Version 3.1.4 - 2018-01-31

  • # Login form of the core component com_users - Due to a change in the template file, the regex in ECC+ for this form did not match any more. - Thanks to Hans H. for reporting it!

Version 3.1.3 - 2018-01-28

  • + reCaptcha v2 - Updated reCaptcha API to version 2 ("I'm not a robot" checkbox) - If you are still using the old reCaptcha (version 1), then you will have to create new keys in https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin
  • ^ Updated Custom Fields
  • ^ Updated Language Files
  • ^ Updated Cache Purging Function - Joomla! >= 3.8.0

Version 3.1.2 - 2017-05-21

  • ^ Updated Custom Fields
  • ^ ReCaptcha is loaded over HTTPS
  • ^ Question - Added required class for client-side validation
  • ^ Changed Update Server URL to ecc_legacy.xml (next feature version 3.2.x will exclude 3rd party extensions in separated plugins)
  • # Fixed Cache Purging Function - For System Cache Plugin
  • Tested and updated support for 3rd party extensions with the latest versions:
    • Easybook Reloaded - 3.3.1
    • Phoca Guestbook - 3.0.6
    • FlexiContact - 10.05
    • ALFContact - 3.2.6
    • Kunena Forum - 5.0.7
    • Community Builder - 2.1.2

Version 3.1.1 - 2015-12-22

  • # Encode Input Fields - Fixed compatibility of this feature for Joomla! 3.4.7. For more details see: https://docs.joomla.org/J3.x:Backward_Compatibility_in_Joomla_3.4.7

Version 3.1.0 - 2015-07-31

  • + Donation Code Validation Process - Improved the validation process with a new server (HTTPS request) plus an independent, separated fallback server (HTTP request).
  • + New Download Server - Download packages are located independently of the project website on a new download server.
  • https://downloads.kubik-rubik.de/
  • + Update Server - Added the Joomla! core functionality for the update checks
  • + IProperty Real Estate
  • ! Removed Version Check field
  • ^ Semantic versioning - Switched to semantic versioning, see http://semver.org/ for more details. Please update manually since the core update server functionality will not recognize the new version!
  • ^ HTTPS - Links to the services use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) versions
  • ^ Updated Donation Code field - Uses the HTTP API for the requests and calls the check script via HTTPS
  • ^ Links in the language files - Updated outdated links to the JED (Joomla! Extensions Directory)
  • Version 3-1 - 2013-11-17

    • + First release for Joomla! 3 - based on 2.5-8 with important modifications and optimizations for Joomla! 3.x
    • + This release is tested only with Joomla! 3.2 and core components - do not use it in a lower Joomla! version. Do not report any problems with other Joomla! versions. Only the mentioned version (and higher) are supported officially by ECC+!

    Joomla! 2.5

    Version 2.5-8 - 2013-11-15

    • + New feature: Custom Call - with this feature you may execute the plugin in all forms with a special syntax. ECC+ can protect all forms of your Joomla! website now. It is not restricted on components but can also be used in modules! The syntax to load the plugin is {easycalccheckplus}. This syntax has to be added in the template file of the form. The best solution is to use a template override. This option is in experimental phase and only for advanced users who know how to create a template override to add the needed syntax! ECC+ can only be executed once per page, so you have to exclude protected modules on pages where the plugin has to be loaded in a component.
    • + Improvement: Encrypt functionality - now not only 3rd party components can be protected with encryption but also all other form fields where ECC+ is loaded. Some extensions need the names of the fields to add JavaScript functionality to the forms, these fields can be excluded from being encrypted with the help of a whitelist in the definition for the certain component. Not all components were tested, so please test this function and report problems that may occur!
    • ^ Support for Virtuemart - updated the support for Virtuemart to the latest version of the component - 2.0.24a
    • ^ Updated Custom Fields
    • ^ Changed - Error output message not via Get parameter but via session variable
    • ^ Removed deprecated JRequest call
    • ^ Code optimizations
    • # Encrypt feature - decode all variables as soon as possible and only if they are set in the global request variables - Thank you Frank (deweso.de) for reporting it!

    Version 2.5-7 - 20-Nov-2012

    + aiContactSafe - Protection of the aiContactSafe forms - Note: ECC+ can only be used without the AJAX functionality of aiContactSafe. The values of ECC+ have to be generated new and reset in the output of the form on a request, but this is not possible in the AJAX request of the component. Open the form in aiContactSafe and deactivate the option Use AJAX to submit the form if you want to use ECC+ in your aiContactSafe form!
    + FlexiContact Plus - Akismet / Mollom checks
    ^ Excluded all language files (except English and German) to Transifex - Looking for your language? Then check Transifex. If your language is not fully translated or not in the list at all, then register to Transifex and join the translation team. Every help is welcome!
    ^ Changed "Alternative search string" priority - increased priority for this option
    ^ Donation Code Field - Updated to version 1.3
    ^ Akismet Class PHP5 - Updated to version 0.5
    ^ Optimized settings ordering and output
    ^ Improved Artisteer template recognition

    Version 2.5-6 - 02-Nov-2012

    + Form recognition - Greatly improved form recognition especially for club templates (e.g. Yootheme, Rockettheme etc.) which use template overrides
    + Virtuemart - Protection of Virtuemart's - Check Out - form

    Successfully tested with these current versions of supported 3rd party extensions:

    • Joomla! Core - Contact and Registration - 2.5.7
    • Community Builder - 1.9
    • Easybook Reloaded - 2.5-4
    • Fox Contact - 2.0.19
    • Flexi Contact - 5.12
    • Kunena Forum - 2.0.2
    • Phoca Guestbook - 2.0.6
    • Virtuemart - 2.0.12f

    Version 2.5-5 - 16-Aug-2012

    + Implemented Versioncheck - Stay uptodate with the great new feature! The latest version can be checked once per session or on every load of the settings page.
    ^ Optimized Donation Code System - The entered donation code is checked only once per session.

    Version 2.5-4 - 13-Aug-2012

    + Flexi Contact Plus - Protect the form of the commercial version of the popular component
    # Updated the support of the component Kunena Version 2.x

    Version 2.5-3-2 - 03-Aug-2012

    + Updated Dutch language file - thank you Gerard
    + Updated Chinese language file - thank you A-Bo

    Version 2.5-3 - 20-Jun-2012

    + Implemented donation model
    + Login check - Protects the site against brute force attacks. After a specified number of incorrect login attempts the spam check has to be solved in the form of the component
    + Cache check - The plugin only deletes the cache if it is activated
    + Traditional Chinese language file
    ^ Updated Dutch language file

    Version 2.5-2 - 05-Apr-2012

    + JomSocial - Protection of the JomSocial registration
    + Virtuemart - Protection of Virtuemart's - Ask a question - form
    + Danish language file - Thank you Fribse
    ^ Optimized check process - Don't have to do all checks if one already has failed
    # Small fix in the function fillForm - Delimeter in the regular expression was not quoted correctly

    Successfully tested with all current versions of supported 3rd party extensions:

    • Joomla! Core - Contact and Registration - 2.5.4
    • AlfContact - 2.0.3
    • Community Builder - 1.8
    • DFContact - 1.6.6
    • Easybook Reloaded - 2.5-1
    • Fox Contact - 2.0.15
    • Flexi Contact - 5.10
    • Jom Social - 2.6 RC2
    • Kunena Forum - 1.7.2
    • Phoca Guestbook - 2.0.5
    • Virtuemart - 2.0.2

    Version 2.5-1 - 24-Jan-2012

    + First release for Joomla! 2.5

    Joomla! 1.7

    Version 1.7-3 - 26-Dec-2011

    + Show errors in debug mode - if you don't see the spam check, you can enable the debug mode in the configuration of Joomla!. ECC+ writes an entry in the debug mode if an error occurs.
    + ALFContact - testet with version 2.0.1
    + Italian language file
    + Serbian language file
    + Czech language file
    + Dutch language file
    + Math exercise - only numeric inputs possible (check with Joomla! validator)
    # Autofill of fields of the user profile plugin
    # Encode Fields - Registration process, user profile plugin and language selection

    Joomla! 1.5

    Version 1.5-14-1 - 29-Dec-2011 - Mini update

    + Czech language file - Thank you Robert PLCH
    ^ cURL Option - Get request, not post request
    ^ Option StopforumSpam is not enabled per default


    Overview of all downloads of the extension: ECC+ - EasyCalcCheck Plus Downloads