EOR - Easy Output Replacer Pro - Joomla! 3

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EOR - Easy Output Replacer Pro - Joomla! 3
Viktor Vogel
26 May 2021

With this plugin, you can easily replace or completely remove parts of the rendered HTML output of your Joomla! website.

Type: System Plugin

Joomla! Version: >= 3.9.0


This is the Pro version of the free extension. This is a system plugin for Joomla! >= 3.9.0 and PHP >= 7.3.0.

All information: Plugin - EOR - Easy Output Replacer Pro - Joomla!

Please note that this version is only compatible with Joomla! 3. You must not attempt to install it on Joomla! 4 or any other major Joomla! version. Doing so could result in compatibility issues and potential damage to your website. Please ensure you use the correct extension version for your Joomla! version!

This is a paid extension that requires an active Pro or Pro Single subscription!

The download is only possible when you are logged in. Please log in to activate the download.

You can create an account by activating the Pro or Pro Single subscription: Subscription Overview

Once the subscription has been successfully activated, all Pro extensions can be downloaded and used without any restrictions.