SIGE not working in own template, works in joomla templates

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Hi everyone,

I'm buiding a website on localhost and I would like to use SIGE as an image gallery.
Installation and adjusting the settings wasn't a problem.
The only problem I'm having is that it doesn't work on my own template.
When i use a free template from Joomla (i.e. Beez2 - Default) it works like a charm.
Doesn't matter which 'JSviewer' i pick, it works... but only in the free Joomla templates.

When i change to my own custom template it suddenly stops working.
The thumbnails don't have the nice white border anymore and when i click a thumbnail it opens the full image in the same tab.
First i've deleted the plugin and reinstalled it again (no errors during install, but get same results as before).
Second i've reinstalled joomla again from scratch, installed SIGE (no other plugins), installed template and tried again.. no luck.

Besides failing to read the JS files it also can't read the SIGE .css.
The text "Simple Image Gallery Extended" at the bottom of the image viewer is lacking styling.
No mouse over effect, no font styling. Just good old Times New Roman.

When i use the SIGE parameter button it get an error at the top of the popup:
Strict Standards: Declaration of JParameter::loadSetupFile() should be compatible with JRegistry::loadSetupFile() in C:\xampp\htdocs\libraries\joomla\html\parameter.php on line 24

Doesn't make a difference if i use parameters button or if i write the code myself, SIGE doesn't work either way.
My own template isn't something fancy. 4 pages + basic css styling.
Checked my css with validator, only errors i get is that "none" isn't a background-color.

Versions/settings are as follows:
XAMPP v3. (apache port: 80, 443 and MySQL port:3306 are running)
Internet Explorer 9
Joomla 2.5.7
SIGE plg_sige_v2.5-4
SIGE code: {gallery}images,width=50,thumbs=1,,column_quantity=2{/gallery}
SIGE parameterbutton installed (filled in token only)
No other plugins installed, both SIGE plugins are enabled.

I think that's all info i can give you guys.
Hope someone can tell me what's wrong here.
Plugin works fine for tons of other users, i can't be the exception :huh:
Thanks in advance!

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