Show SEF URLs on "Manage Entries" page?

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Show SEF URLs on "Manage Entries" page? wurde erstellt von DanaB
Joomla newbie here. I want to manage SEO data from the "Manage Entries" page - can SEF URLs be shown here? I cannot figure out how to relate the URL shown to content or products on the site without a lot of extra/confusing work.

Or better yet I'd love to navigate through the site to update each page or product (we are using JoomShopping for products). I viewed your 10 minute video intro twice - and I do not see the SEO data above the page like you show in the video. I tried to update the settings to show this and not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I appreciate any help you can provide

Joomla 3.8.10
EFESEO 3.4.0
JoomShopping 4.7.0
Other settings attached - and I have duly searched everything related to EFESEO and URLs.


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