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Name: Backend Language Switcher - Version: 3.1.3 / / - Type: Module - License: GPLv3
Description: Changes the language directly in the backend - Joomla! Extensions Directory

Overview of all downloads of the extension: BLS - Backend Language Switcher Downloads

Switches the language in the backend directly, without having to leave the opened page!

Module: BLS - Backend Language Switcher
Function: This module allows you to switch the backend language directly.
Languages: English and German

This administration module can change the set language within seconds in the backend. The module creates a drop-down list, in which all available languages are listed. By clicking, the selected language is loaded and you can continue working on the same page. This is very useful when testing language files or if you want to create screenshots of different languages.


  • Change the language quickly and directly in the backend
  • All available languages are automatically detected and added to the selection dropdown list
  • Changes have only temporary effect on the session, the default values are loaded after a new login
  • Languages: English and German


Install the module in the backend. Activate it in "Extensions" - "Modules" - "BLS - Backend Language Switcher"

Steps after the installation:

  • 1. Select 'Extensions' - 'Modules'
  • 2. Change the module type of 'Site' to 'Administrator' (at the top in the drop-down lists on the left)
  • 3. Choose 'BLS - Backend Language Switcher'
  • 4. Set or enter the position 'status' or 'menu', and set the status to 'Published'

Screenshot Bls Backend Language Switcher Joomla3

Installation Tutorial for Joomla! 3.x

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BLS does not change the default language in the settings of your Joomla! website, but only for the current session.


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Joomla! 4.x

Version - 2023-04-05

Version - 2022-10-17

  • + Added Pro Security Token validation check. The Pro package contains a token file with an individual security token linked to the user account and checked against the validation server for authenticity.
  • ^ Multiple internal code optimisations.

Version - 2021-11-12

  • + Added the built-in Download Key Manager support to enter your Pro Update ID without installing the update helper plugin.
    Important: Please copy your personal Pro Update ID using the second copy button in the Pro ID Manager and enter the key in System - Update - Update Sites - Select the entry of the Pro extension and enter the ID into the Download Key field.
  • ^ Code optimisations

Version - 2021-09-12

  • + First Pro release for Joomla! 4.x based on BLS Pro version

Joomla! 3.x

Version - 2021-06-10

  • ^ Maintenance release
  • ^ Changed the version number specification. The first number stands for the supported major Joomla! version. The following three numbers follow the Semantic Versioning Specification (SemVer), as it used to be previously.
  • ^ Updated custom field
  • ^ Code optimisations

Version 3.2.1-PRO - 2021-01-16

Version 3.1.3 - 2019-06-16

  • + Code Optimizations
  • + Custom Field - Pro Button
  • ^ Updated Custom Fields

Version 3.2.0-PRO - 2019-05-10

  • + First Pro release based on BLS version 3.1.2

Version 3.1.2 - 2017-01-02

  • + Improved CSS instructions for position "status"
  • ^ Updated Donation Code Field

Version 3.1.1 - 2016-01-26

  • + CSS instructions for position "status" - Added readable background color for hover effect on this position.
  • + Correct language message output - After the language switch the message is displayed in the correct language if the string is available (default en-GB).
  • + Code Refactoring
  • ^ Updated Language Files
  • ^ Updated Donation Code Field

Version 3.1.0 - 2015-07-31

  • + Donation Code Validation Process - Improved the validation process with a new server (HTTPS request) plus an independent, separated fallback server (HTTP request).
  • + New Download Server - Download packages are located independently of the project website on a new download server.
  • ^ Semantic versioning - Switched to semantic versioning, see for more details. Please update manually since the core update server functionality will not recognize the new version!
  • Version 3-3 - 2015-02-02

    • + Update Server - Added the Joomla! core functionality for the update checks
    • ^ Updated Donation Code field - Uses the HTTP API for the requests and calls the check script via HTTPS
    • ^ Links in the language files - Updated outdated links to the JED (Joomla! Extensions Directory)
    • ! Removed Version Check field

    Version 3-2 - 2013-11-17

    • + Joomla! 3.2 compatibility - removed notice error, improved settings file
    • ^ Updated custom fields

    Version 3-1 - 12-Oct-2012

    + First release for Joomla! 3.x
    ^ Optimized Donation Code System

    Joomla! 2.5

    Version 2.5-1 - 16-Sep-2012

    + First version for Joomla! 2.5


    Overview of all downloads of the extension: BLS - Backend Language Switcher Downloads