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Name: Brute Force Protection - Version: 3.0.0-FREE / / - Type: System Plugin - License: GPLv3
Description: Stops brute-force attacks and optimises your site performance by limiting the number of login attempts

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Brute Force Protection stops brute force login attempts in Joomla!

This plugin stops brute force login attempts on the login form in the backend. After a set number of attempts a small captcha (arithmetic task) has to be solved successfully to get access, even if the credentials are entered correctly. After another set number of attempts with the captcha, the access to the backend is blocked completely for a specified grace time for the requesting IP address. The access lock can also be extended to the frontend.

The locked IP addresses are stored permanently as small files in a protected lock folder. Once the grace time of a file has expired, the outdated file is removed automatically from the lock folder.


Install the extension in the backend under Extensions. Set the desired settings in Extensions -> Plugins -> System - Brute Force Protection - BFP.


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Joomla! 4.x

Version - 2023-02-25

Version - 2022-09-11

  • + Added Pro Security Token validation check. The Pro package contains a token file with an individual security token linked to the user account and checked against the validation server for authenticity.
  • ^ Multiple internal code optimisations.

Version - 2022-07-21

  • # Fixed custom field integration. Thanks to Michael K. for reporting it!

Version - 2022-06-17

  • ^ Updated custom field to bypass description bug in Joomla! 4.1.3.
  • ^ Code optimisations

Version - 2021-11-11

  • + Added the built-in Download Key Manager support to enter your Pro Update ID without installing the update helper plugin.
    Important: Please copy your personal Pro Update ID using the second copy button in the Pro ID Manager and enter the key in System - Update - Update Sites - Select the entry of the Pro extension and enter the ID into the Download Key field.
  • ^ Code optimisations

Version - 2021-08-26

  • + First Pro release for Joomla! 4.x based on BFP Pro version
  • ^ Updated captcha field output for the new backend template Atum

Joomla! 3.x

Version - 2021-06-12

  • ^ Maintenance release
  • ^ Changed the version number specification. The first number stands for the supported major Joomla! version. The following three numbers follow the Semantic Versioning Specification (SemVer), as it used to be previously.
  • ^ Updated custom field
  • ^ Code optimisations

Version 3.0.0-FREE - 2021-03-29

  • + First release for Joomla! 3.x based on 3.1.0-PRO

Version 3.1.0-PRO - 2021-01-18

  • + Block frontend access - Block the frontend access if the IP address is on the lock list.

Version 3.0.0-PRO - 2020-06-23

  • + First release of the Pro extension


Overview of all downloads of the extension: BFP - Brute Force Protection Downloads