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Name: Auto Subscription for Kunena - Version: 3.1.0 (Kunena 2 & 3) / 3.2.0-FREE (Kunena 5) / (Kunena 6) - Type: Plugin - License: GPLv3
Description: Enables automatic subscriptions for new and existing users in the forum Kunena - Joomla! Extensions Directory

Overview of all downloads of the extension: ASK - Auto Subscription for Kunena Downloads

Auto subscription - Automatic activation of subscriptions in Kunena 5 & 6

Plugin: ASK - Auto Subscription for Kunena
Function: With this plugin various categories are added to the subscription list of new and existing users.
Languages: English and German
Kunena versions: 2, 3 & 5 (FREE) / 6 (PRO)

With this plugin subscriptions are assigned automatically or manually to all new and existing users. ASK is performed automatically after a successful registration and assigns the specified categories to the new user.

There are 2 modes available: Automatic and Selection Mode. In the Automatic Mode the subscriptions to the categories are determined automatically with all dependencies. If the user is allowed to subscribe to a category, then the category is added to the subscription list of the user. In the Selection mode you may select the categories manually without any permission rights checks, so be careful if you use this option!

From version 2.5-3 also existing users can be handled. The subscriptions are enabled for users of the selected user groups by clicking on the execution process link directly in the settings of the plugin.


  • Automatic and manual subscriptions of categories
  • Plugin assigns the categories immediately to all new users after the registration
  • Manual subscriptions for existing users - Activation by the administrator
  • 2 modes available: Automatic and Selection Mode
  • Automatic detection of all dependencies
  • Manual assignment of all categories is possible
  • Languages: English and German


Install the plugin in the backend and activate it in Extensions - Plugins - System - Auto Subscription for Kunena

Automatic Mode

In this mode you may define the type of access regarding the subscription rights. The type is the filter which represents the rights of the user for the category.

Subscribe - the user can subscribe to the category
Create - the user can write new posts in the category
Reply - the user can reply in the category

Selection Mode

The user is subscribed automatically to the selected categories. Multiple selection is possible with Ctrl + Click!

The plugin is executed directly after the registration and can also be applied manually to existing users!

Subscriptions for existing users have to be executed manually with a click on 'Start the manual execution process for existing users' by the administrator.


+ = Added - ! = Removed - ^ = Changed - # = Fixed

Joomla! 4.x - Kunena 6

Version - 2023-03-10

  • ^ Improved the logic of the subscription process in the onUserAfterSave event. Only activated and unblocked users are processed.
  • ^ Updated language files.

Version - 2023-02-01

  • + First Pro release for Joomla! >= 4.2.0 and Kunena 6.x
  • This version was sponsored by Elisa F. (COOLCAT creations). Thank you, Elisa!

Joomla! 3.x - Kunena 5

Version 3.2.0-FREE - 2022-02-23

  • + Added "Respect subscription permission" option for Selection Mode. With this option, the plugin checks the 'Subscribe' permission additionally. Only the categories that the user is allowed to subscribe to are enabled. This feature is sponsored by COOLCAT creations!
  • + Tested with Kunena 5.2.8
  • ^ Code optimisations
  • ^ Updated language strings
  • ^ Updated custom fields

Version 3.1.0 - 2018-09-27

  • ^ Compatibility with Kunena 5.1.4 - Attention: This version requires at least Joomla! Version >= 3.8.0! Thanks for the report to Andre S.!
  • + Code Optimizations
  • + Updated Custom Fields

Version 3.0.0 - 2017-04-17

  • First release for Kunena 5.x & Joomla! 3.x - Based on version for Kunena 2.x / 3.x
  • + Code optimizations
  • + Updated language files

Joomla! 3.x - Kunena 2.x / 3.x

Version 3.1.0 - 2015-07-31

  • + Donation Code Validation Process - Improved the validation process with a new server (HTTPS request) plus an independent, separated fallback server (HTTP request).
  • + New Download Server - Download packages are located independently of the project website on a new download server.
  • ^ Semantic versioning - Switched to semantic versioning, see for more details. Please update manually since the core update server functionality will not recognize the new version!
  • Version 3-3 - 2015-01-31

    • + Update Server - Added the Joomla! core functionality for the update checks
    • ^ Updated Donation Code field - Uses the HTTP API for the requests and calls the check script via HTTPS
    • ^ Links in the language files - Updated outdated links to the JED (Joomla! Extensions Directory)
    • ! Removed Version Check field

    Version 3-2 - 2014-07-02

    • + Manual subscriptions for existing users - Added unsubscribe option for existing user from selected categories
    • ^ Code optimization

    Version 3-1 - 2013-12-16

    • First release for Joomla! 3.x.
    • This release is tested only with Joomla! 3.2 and Kunena 3.0.3 - do not use it in a lower Joomla! version. Do not report any problems with other Joomla! versions. Only the mentioned version is supported officially!
    • Based on version 2.5-3 with the same features

    Joomla! 2.5

    Version 2.5-4 - 2014-06-30

    • + Manual subscriptions for existing users - Added unsubscribe option for existing user from selected categories
    • ^ Code optimization

    Version 2.5-3 - 2013-12-08

    • + Manual subscriptions for existing users - The plugin can also add subscriptions to existing users - this feature was sponsored by Jan de Vries
    • + Compatibility with latest Kunena version - Tested with 3.0.3
    • ^ Updated custom fields
    • ^ Code optimization

    Version 2.5-2 - 12-Nov-2012

    + Execute the plugin in the backend
    + Remove subscriptions - Remove all category subscriptions if the user is deleted completely

    Version 2.5-1 - 12-Nov-2012

    + First version for Joomla! 2.5


    Overview of all downloads of the extension: ASK - Auto Subscription for Kunena Downloads